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It doesn’t matter what politicians say, it matters what they do. And what they do is vote. How they vote on laws impacting small business has a real impact on people’s jobs, the local economy and the community services that we all rely on. is a simple, fact-based website which shows how Queensland MPs vote on small business issues. Ratings are compiled by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) which is the peak body for small business in the state. CCIQ is not part of the government, and does not align with any political party.

At the beginning of each term of government, every politician starts with a perfect score of 100%. As time passes, their scores will move up or down depending on three factors:
• Voting History (60% weighting) – How many times an MP voted for or against small business in Parliament.
• Responsiveness (30% weighting) – Whether or not the MP responds to CCIQ’s official correspondence on small business issues. If an MP explains their position every time, it’s enough to keep a perfect Responsiveness score. They don’t have to take a pro-business view.
• Business Survey (10% weighting) – At the end of each business quarter, any business in Queensland will have the chance to rate their satisfaction with their MP through CCIQ’s public Pulse survey. We take the mean scores across an MP’s electorate to calculate this rating.

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